Thesis: Man’s Contribution to his Environment

Sample Thesis Paper

Upon going through the discussion on each of the elements mentioned above, it is not too difficult to find the center theme that underlies almost all of the works under discussion. Once see that almost all of the discussed works have chosen to portray the fact that one cannot expect to hold onto the environment in every way possible and has to accept the fact that beyond a certain point, it becomes impossible to control the causes and actions of the environment.

We can surmise from the discussions presented above that when one takes a decision or designs a plan, knowingly or unknowingly, one also gives way to a number of side effects and reactions that may not be as apparent as the actual series of events that has been planned. Also, this denial of the underlying reality does not change the fact that the consequences that remain underlying in the form of the side effects not only exist but also take effect in the longer run.

The works under discussion shed light on the numerous implications of man’s contributions to the regulation of his environment. In broad terms, the works under discussion cover three areas of man and his environment. They tend to elaborate upon the fact that man’s contributions to his environment have led to implications upon not only social dimensions of man’s life but also on material dimensions.

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