Thesis: Manufacturing Consent

Sample Thesis Paper

There is next to no doubt in the fact that people have become heavily reliant on the mass media as a channel from which to acquire information (Davis). Most people rarely take out the time to cross check on the information provided to them by the mass media and generally consider news feeds and statements to be authentic and therefore credible.

In this regard, the approach that the media adopts towards the state plays a vital role in shaping the perceptions of the citizens towards the state. In the case of a democracy in particular, the state has little or no right to place restrictions or limitations on the mass media, thereby giving the media liberty to portray the democratic state as it chooses. This gives the mass media a high degree of control over the citizens, which in worst case scenarios, can be exploited to shape public opinions and outlooks. An example of such instances can be found in the cases presented in the documentary film, “Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media” (Achbar and Chomsky).

When the mass media is considered to be a mediating body between the state and the citizen, the perspective in question does more than simply inform the citizens; it allows them to take part in the working of the state and to ensure that the government does not function in any manner other than for which it has been put into place. It is perhaps because of the same reason that free media is one of the few things that comes as a threat to an unstable and shady government (The Guardian).

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