Thesis: Market Globalization Drivers

Sample Thesis Paper

Factors that have forced firms/ companies to expand globally are referred to as drivers of globalization as discussed below.

There are various market globalization drivers, which are inclusive but not limited to common customer needs and tastes, global customers, lead countries and transferable marketing. Common customer needs and tastes refers to a phenomena which results when customers in different countries prefer similar goods and that shapes an industry, since every international company is forced to use global strategy levers to be in a position to fit in the global market.  Some customers are referred to as global customers because instead of buying from global markets, they prefer international markets helping to further increase the force of globalization. As stated in Jäger’s work (2009), “Transferable marketing helps to expand and increase global companies as it becomes easy for companies to market in different countries (p. 9).

In Belgium, one of the products that was over produced is the demin jeans. This forced firms to expand to the abroad market and seek market overseas for this fashionable product.

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