Thesis: Market segmentation of Colgate Palmolive

Sample Thesis Paper

The market segmentation strategy adopted by Colgate primarily focuses on the following variables geographic, demographics, psychographics, and behavioural.


As the name suggests the in geographic the area in which the product is being launched is considered which included the different regions of that area the major cities of the country etc.


In demographics the major variable which is considered is the age factor. This is a very crucial factor because lot of marketing strategy depends on the target markets’ age.


In this section the major sections of the society would be taken in account. The social class of the society means the class which would be targeted among that region.


By behavioural study this means the overall attitude of the people for that product like for example now in this age people are quiet aware of the oral health and they seems to be quiet cautious about their oral health so this shows a positive sign towards brushing teeth and keeping it clean and free from germs. This is an important variable of the overall marketing strategy because it would present the overall approach of that region about towards toothpaste.

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