Thesis: Market Value of a Share

Sample Thesis Paper

The market value of a share is the price at which the share is trading in a stock exchange at any given time (Levinson, 2006).  The market price of a share as a consequence, changes rapidly and continuously during the trading or when the stock exchange is open.  Stock exchange shave their own way of tracking the changes in the share price of any given company over the trading period.

The records maintained by stock exchanges however show the closing prices for any govern day, the high and low values for the day and sometimes the average price for the stock during that day. The value used depends on the needs of the user and the availability of the information. The market value of a share is usually regarded as more relevant value of the share of a company than the book value. The market value is also objective and reliable since it is determined in actual markets where buyers and sellers traded daily unlike for fixed assets whose markets may not exist due to the uniqueness of the items involved (Kothari, 2001). The market value is usually expected to reflect the value of the business from the perspective of the investors.

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