Thesis: How to market Tourist Destination

Sample Thesis Paper

Marketing is a pre planning for business, projects or a destination, which is useful to meet the promises and objectives of the organization. Poor marketing could result the loss of investment and failure to attain the goal of Tourist destination. Marketing destination in right way is necessary because it will direct towards attaining destination goal more effectively bringing fast growth in tourism.

The very fundamental base for marketing tourism is to identify the target market and market segmentation (Kotler, Bowen & Makens, 2006). By the categorization of market, it helps to select one or more market after, which products and services could be developed in accordance to the targeted market. This will help guiding the purpose of organization to work on exact way towards its focal point.

The three major steps of Target marketing; Market segmentation, Market targeting and Market positioning is crucial in Marketing Tourist Destination. According to Kotler, Bowen and Makens (2006), Market segmentation divides market into distinct group, which helps in identifying bases for right product to right customer. Market targeting develops measures of segment attractiveness selecting targeted group or segment and Market positioning develops positioning for each target segment, i.e. development of marketing mix for each target segment. The consciousness on knowing the targeted group and targeted market hence accelerates the tourist arrival and activities of tourism in the area.

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