Thesis: Marketing as an Essential Factor in Tourism Industry

Sample Thesis Paper

Marketing is an essential factor in Tourism industry not just because it makes consumers aware of products to inform them about it and to demonstrate how these products can satisfy their needs and wants, but it also plays a vital role on bringing up the number of visitors to visit the place. Marketing a product assists to influence the purchase of visiting places to the leisure traveller; families, conferences and holidaymakers. To achieve success in attracting consumers in tourism destinations, the influencing element like adverting is critical which has to be tactical and customer targeted (Holloway, 2004).

Fyall and Garrod (2005, p. 43) deems Tourism Marketing as ‘the managerial process of anticipating and satisfying existing and potential visitor wants more effectively than competitive suppliers or destinations.’  Market coordination and the application of effective marketing stratagems have been comprehensively considered as requisites for achieving triumph in the tourism industry. Cooper et al (2008) backups the importance of marketing in tourism industry arguing that purposes for visiting are persuaded not just by the outlook towards the destination but also by information about manacles and prospects to travel to the specific destination.

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