Thesis: Marketing by The Hobbs Company

Sample Thesis Paper

Advertising on the internet is relatively inexpensive with a massive reach in the region of Birmingham. Particularly when targeting professionals, urban and rural consumers, internet based marketing strategy can effectively increase the sales of the company as well as footfall in Hobbs’ stores. The marketing budget of 600 for online marketing would be sufficient in the initial stages of the processes, however in the following years the company will have to invest more funds in its online marketing strategy and online retail option.

The Hobbs Company has already taken initiatives to change its image and target its markets more specifically. However by personalizing its contact points through direct marketing and making investment in store image, window displays and online marketing strategies, the company can significantly increase the footfall and traffic in its Birmingham stores. Currently the marketing budget for direct marketing strategies is limited to GBP 1,000 per store, however in the following years this budget will need to be increased to keep competitive and attract the target market to shop in-store.

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