Thesis: Marketing Mix of The Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts

Sample Thesis Paper

The Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts serve to bring forth a convenience product in an industry that is charactrised by thresholds of comfort and expediency. The Four Seasons offers it consumers a product range that constitutes hotelling services as well as resorts and attempts to maintain a standard throughout its product range (Talbott, 2006).

The Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts function in a manner such that the pricing is maintained on levels from where a reasonable profit can be acquired. It is known for its expansive human resource infrastructures and is therefore one that prices its products and services in a manner such that they can be perceived to be exclusive to a particular social class. In particular, the pricing is designed to cater to the members of the upper class.
Considering the fact that the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts belongs to the hotel industry which is an extensively service based industry, there is a great deal of stress given to order processing and each reservation process is given a high level of consideration. It is essential to note that the Four Seasons gives a significant degree of relevance to personalizing its services for its consumers and it would therefore be reasonable to conclude that the central philosophy of the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts maintains to be the satisfaction of consumers. The Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts makes extensive use of internet based advertising as well as engagement in marketing activities through travel magazines.

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