Thesis: Marketing of Nepal as Tourist Destination

Sample Thesis Paper

Tourism in Nepal started flourishing in the early of 1990’s welcoming 285,000 approx. of visitors annually, which peaked up to 491,504 by 1999 (TRPAP, 2004). Wheightman (2011, p. 205) cites that ‘Tourism is Nepal’s number one industry, accounting for 60 percent of foreign exchange.’ Tourism is actively involved in supporting nation’s economy. Until the beginning of 2001, the main source of information and marketing of Nepal Tourism were word of mouth and personal recommendations from friends (TRPAP, 2004). Travel agents and use of Internet marketing were less active than guidebooks. For individual independent visitors this limited source of information was available whereas for a group and packaged visitors, travel agents used to be useful (TRPAP, 2004).


The aim of this critique is to analyze the marketing strategy of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB).


  1. To undertake a critical review to understand how the Tourism Destination (Nepal) market itself
  2. To undertake a analysis of marketing method that Nepal Tourism Board uses to attract visitors from UK
  3. To conduct Primary Research in order to determine stake holder’s perception on the success of Nepalese Tourism promotional strategy in the UK
  4. To compare and contrast the finding of secondary and primary research and to make recommendation on how Nepal Tourism Board can promote it’s marketing strategy to UK

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