Thesis: Marketing Strategy for Hobbs

Sample Thesis Paper

The company should invest in an online marketing campaign whereby they would target the segment of their customers that are more willing to make their purchases online. This will increase the reach and the scope of the Hobbs as a brand a well as retailer.

Additionally it will also increase the market available and captured by the company while increasing customer loyalty amongst the specific customer segment. Additionally the youth is very much technology hip and trendy and use the internet for entertainment as well as shopping purchases. Using internet based marketing that highlights Hobbs as a elite retail brand, show cases the collections and the lines of products at the company while also highlighting the various brands associated with and sold at the Hobbs store the company can appeal to the youth market as well. This will result in increasing the sales for the company while also increasing their profit levels at limited costs. It needs to be noted that Hobbs will need to support its internet based marketing campaign with an online shopping option as well. Aside from this the company should also focus on employing personalized marketing strategies to target its specific types of customers. The following depicts the types of customers for Hobbs and the specific marketing strategies that the company should employ to increase sales revenue from them and increase their foot traffic in the stores.

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