Thesis: Marketing in Tourism

Sample Thesis

Since 1950, Tourism has been one of the constant, sustained, resilience and fast growing industry in the world (Copper, C et al 2008 and Hudson, 2008). Marketing has increasingly pervaded the tourism sector internationally. The foundation of new destination and development of existed tourism market would not have been grown much if marketing had not taken place. Hudson (2008, p. 8) cites Kotler’s (1984) definition of marketing as ‘the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual (customer) and organizational objectives’.

The need of individuals and groups in society and organization is obtained by creation and exchange of products and values with others (Kotler et al 2006). In terms of human needs, wants and their demands on exploring new places, marketing and advertising has always helped to both demand and supply party in communicating the characteristics of destination which helped visitor to choose and decide their next visiting destination from the information they collect via publicity. Marketing has been a foundation for new developing touristic destinations which help to recognize and enlarged both new and existed visiting places bringing attention of visitors through various means of promotion such as branding and advertising. Australian destination branding campaign 2006 for example (Pike, 2008), which increased number of visitors significantly.

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