Thesis: Mass Media in Democracy

Sample Thesis Paper

The mass media, on account of the power that it holds in a democratic state, also holds a considerable degree of responsibility. It is responsible for ensuring that the right information is communicated to the citizens and there are no shortfalls or misstatements in the communicated information. The mass media can serve to motivate or de-motivate the people of the state in almost any direction, but has to function without doing so (Woods). The purpose of the mass media in a democratic society is to ensure complete un-biasness and absence of any form of prejudice in its reporting so that citizens are provided with information in its purest form. Only when the information provided is pure and unaltered can citizens be expected to make educated and relevant choices.

In a democracy, the mass media enjoys a considerable degree of liberty. This liberty is partly enjoyed on grounds of elements such as the freedom of speech and the right to object which are some of the fundamental pillars of a democratic government. In this regard, the mass media takes on a very important role in society since it has the power to communicate any side of the story that it desires (Lichtenberg). It has the liberty to be influenced and to influence others in turn. While the behavioral tendencies of the mass media are a separate topic of discussion altogether, there is no doubt that the mass media plays a highly influential role in shaping the perceptions that society follows.

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