Thesis: Mass Media & Democracy

Sample Thesis Paper

Mass media has evolved to acquire a significant degree of attention over time. The implications of mass media reflect on almost all aspects of society. One of these areas is the democratic political structure. This paper shall attempt to present a discussion on the role and relevance of mass media for democracy while shedding light on how the mass media has become an integral part of modern day life and how citizens have come to rely heavily upon it as a source of information in their everyday lives.

The term mass media is a collective referral to numerous channels of information. These include publications such as newspapers, books and magazines as well as other channels such as radio networks and the like. More recently developed forms of mass media include internet based channels such as blogs, discussion forums and focus groups (Lichtenberg). The mass media serves to provide a mix of information and entertainment to the public while allowing members of the public to come forth and express their opinions if they wish to do so. It provides a formal voice to body of citizens.

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