Thesis: Mathematics Development

Sample Thesis Paper

Mathematics development has been of great help to the society in that it has helped in simplifying most of the things that used to be demanding before. It was very hard for the members of the society to keep track of the amount of their properties. If it were not for the development of modern mathematics then life would be very difficult. It is through mathematics that we are able to keep track of the time. Without the knowledge of the time then it would be very difficult to plan one-day life. It is through this that one is able to divide the hours of the day and thus give each duty its own time.

If it were not for this technology then it would be possible for one to budget on what he has. When one gets his or her salary it is possible to sit down and decide on the number of needs he or she has, and then determine the amount each need requires and with that, he is able to do his budget. Mathematics has also made some crimes difficult to commit and get away with it. Through auditing it is possible to know a financial crime that might have been committed by an employee if even if some time passed. Through it, it is possible to keep records that can be referred to in the future. This has made the society more responsible in the positions they are entrusted to (Martin 2006).

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