Thesis: Measures taken by Johnson Arabia in Response to Recession

Sample Thesis Paper


The objective of the research is to develop a clear comprehension of the implications of the global recession on Dubai and subsequently on Johnson Arabia LLC in order to establish upon the measures that were taken and their utility to Johnson Arabia LLC. This analysis shall allow the research to reach conclusions in the form of recommendations for Johnson Arabia LLC to sustain its performance in the Middle East and to continue capitalizing on its new venture.


The research aims at acquiring a sound understanding of the implications of a global recession on a thriving and well established economy. Johnson Arabia LLC, for this purpose, has been considered as an example of a well established company operating in the East that has seen influences as a result of the recession.


The research shall be carried out to explore and answer the following questions:

  • How did the recession have an influence on the Dubai economy and what were the implications?
  • What were the implications of the recession on Johnson Arabia LLC?
  • What measures did Johnson Arabia LLC take to deal with the recession?
  • How adequate were the measures when considered in comparison to measures taken by other development companies in Dubai?
  • What is the current standing of Johnson Arabia LLC when considered in light of the implications of the recession?
  • What alternate measures could have been taken by Johnson Arabia LLC in response to the recession?
  • What further measures can be taken by Johnson Arabia LLC to sustain and develop its position in the Middle Eastern market?


The scope of the research is defined through the fact that the research aims to develop an analysis of the measures taken by Johnson Arabia LLC in response to the recession and their effectiveness. The scope shall therefore be limited to the effectiveness of these measures and to the formulation of alternate measures that could have been taken to respond to the recession.

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