Thesis: Measures to Prevent Identity Theft

Sample Thesis Paper

There have however been certain measures put into place to ensure that identity theft is prevented among many institutions and to stop the continuing threat that it represents. One such measure is the use of network smart cards for secure online transactions. This requires the use of a personalized card for each individual and a predetermined node which will accept the card allow for the change of information between two individuals without the danger of it being circumvented (Lu & Ali, 2004). Other methods employed by companies to stall the spread of this crime include following guidelines specifically designed against it, such as the encryption of sensitive data which may be targeted by identity thieves (Vacca 2003 p.176-179). For individuals it has been suggested that they be vary of sharing their personal information on the internet and read privacy statements whenever possible.

Identity theft is, has been and will continue to be one of the biggest issues plaguing society today. There will always be criminal who use other people’s private information for their own financial or perhaps even personal needs. Today it is estimated that average internet users may spend one hundred and seventy five hours and fifteen hundred dollars out of their pockets as a result of these crimes (Smith & Lias 2005). However, current measures show that they simply are not working and necessitate the need to find more suitable and more effective ways to combat this growing menace.

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