Thesis: Measures to Reduce Domestic Violence

Sample Thesis Paper

Further measures that can be taken to reduce domestic violence on the basis of social psychology principles are ones that are based on the increased involvement of domestic violence prevention agencies. It has been observed that a significant share of victims do not choose to seek help from any sources and only refer to and reach out to the police at times when the situation has gone almost completely out of hand (Jenkins & Davidson, 2001). In this regard, it has often become too late to save the victim with the capacity to save the relationship. In order to carry out measures that can allow a prospective victim to lead a life without having to go through the trauma and suffering of going through.

We can infer from this discussion that domestic violence is a highly complex form of violence and is one that is highly oblivious of any particular social segment, class, gender or age. It is one that is one of the hardest to acquire a thorough knowledge of since it generally takes place behind closed doors and most cases are rarely reported. However, the composition of this paper allowed the recognition of the fact that a very strong potential exists for the eradication of domestic violence and if it is to be eradicated, it is imperative to take measures that are precautionary and proactive rather than reactive since domestic violence incidents generally involve the jeopardizing of a victims safety and life in certain situations. Therefore, if domestic violence has to be completely eradicated and has to be dealt with in a manner such that it can be discouraged, it is imperative to educate potential victims and perpetrators of domestic violence about means to escape falling into incidents that can lead to domestic violence.

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