Thesis: Medical and Social Malady Associated with Alcohol

Sample Thesis Paper

Another issue is one of crime and punishment. Obviously with the passing of such laws the crime rate will increase incrementally. It has been noted that during the original prohibition crime rates among the community for alcohol drinking shot up nearly 600%. Obviously, this figure is not as accurate when comparing sampling methods today. In comparison however when we consider that the American prison system is so congested that the government is actually enforcing prison terms using private contractors. The similarities become apparent.

Finally although the medical and social malady associated with alcohol and certain drugs are still debated even today. It is incredible to see that alcohol one of the leading causes of death in the United States is still considered a legal substance while other substances which are much less lethal are demonized in the media and the public consciousness. So much so that while the end of prohibition brought much research into the use of alcohol as a medicinal aid even so far as being in contemporary cough syrups. The war on drugs has created several roadblocks to any such research which could potentially create life saving medications in the future.

It is apparent to anyone who notices that if you impose limitations and laws on a population. They will of course have an incentive to break them. It is not a psychological disease; it is simply the human state of mind. What the government should realize, which apparently they did not after the first prohibition. That it is more important to regulate these substances and protect the public rather than enforce their laws. Doing so will only distance the public from their point of view and cause a further interest in the nature of these substances.

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