Thesis: Memory diagnosis while cognition

Sample Thesis Paper

Memory is simply the ability of an individual to register, store and recall information when needed. As a component of cognitive neuroscience, it is based on several models. The Atkinson-Shiffrin model is relatively simple, and proposes that long term memory is made up of procedural and episodic memory, among other components, and that event only reach long term memory stores after having been recalled a number of times. However, it was shown later that no such practice was needed for all events.

Later in 1974 a working-memory model was proposed. According to this, memory was composed of three units, the central-executive, also known as attention, which sends all information to the other components. The phonological loop stores auditory information, and the visuo-spatial sketchpad stores visual and spatial data. Another component, the episodic buffer, works to link all these pieces of data so that they are stored as integrated pieces and with chronological meaning. Around this time, another model explained memory through levels of processing, such as organization, distinctiveness, effort and elaboration.

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