Thesis: Merchandizing by Kraft Foods

Sample Thesis Paper

In store marketing and merchandising plays a large role on influencing the consumers to buy the product as impulse purchases. The company can target this strategy for launching the pod based coffee product in Canada by implementing point of sale marketing posters for high visibility and dedicated shelving racks for the initial few months following the launch of the product in the market. Additionally buy one and get one coupons can also be disseminated at the retail stores and outlets to attract the customers to try the product for their initial purchase during the launch phase.

Pod based coffee is a relatively new product in the market and similar products by the competitors have been well received by the consumers in North America. Research has also provided that the demand for pod based coffee is present particularly in corporate offices who are interested in having high quality coffee made available to them at their workplace. The best option for the Kraft food company is to launch the pod based coffee under the Maxwell House brand and Nabob Coffee brand now instead of later.

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