Thesis: Method for Investigating Ultrasonic Fields-Introduction

Sample Thesis Paper

A simple method for investigating ultrasonic fields of a focused spherical transducer in water is preformed. A hydrophone is used to detect the ultrasonic waves in two directions, longitudinal and lateral to the axis of symmetry of the transducer. The waveform of the longitudinal axis of symmetry of the transducer was obtained with displacement of 1±0.1 mm. In addition, the waveform of the lateral axis was obtained for two points at the longitudinal axis. The first lateral waveform was at 12 mm with displacement of 1±0.1 mm and the second point was at 106 mm with displacement of 2±0.1 mm. The sound velocity in water with temperature of 22 Co was calculated at 1467.89 m/sec.

In the last fifty years, ultrasound has been found to be of great use in many fields. It is used in imaging, cleaning and testing materials to facilitate chemical reactions. These applications are dependent on understanding the way ultrasound waves behave in mediums for better results especially on the applications that are used in imaging. This report aims to investigate the waveform of ultrasound in water.

In this report, a theoretical background is given in terms of the basic Ultrasound production, transmission and waveform. Following below are the experimental methods and procedures, results and discussion.

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