Thesis: Methods of Lean Accounting

Sample Thesis Paper

In the research undertaken for the purpose of this paper, mostly secondary sources have been employed to determine the new and innovative ways of improving the accounting function and making it leaner. The traditional forms of the cost cutting and controlling procedures of absorption costing, variance analysis and standard costing have been researched along with the use of information technology specific to accounting systems.

The secondary sources used mostly comprise of journal based articles that have been retrieved from the accredited peer review journal database of EbscoHost. The selected articles from journals have been analysed in terms of the new ideas they highlight while criticising the applicability of the suggested accounting procedures and processes for a leaner accounting function.

Traditionally a control over the costs is maintained by allocating costs that are incurred in terms of the cost centres which generate these costs. The cost centres are then monitored for their cost generation trends and excess costs are reduced by changing the business process activities to better support efficiency. It is also highlighted that non allocation f the costs to cost centres can raise or result in excessive profits which are not actually present. As a result the division managers expect more profitability and are faced with problems when it does not surface.

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