Thesis: Methods used in Quantitative Research

Sample Thesis Paper

Quantitative research includes many methods that need to be undertaken in order to reach the final results. Firstly, the issue to be dealt is the collection of the data. The data that is collected at this stage may be of two major different kinds. Either, the data collected is from a primary source or a secondary source.

In the primary source department, the data collection means that the collector has had direct interaction with the concerned objective, by researching first hand into the various intricacies of the field of their study. This data is then compiled and used for further analysis, which will be discussed later on.

In secondary research, the data collection differs in the sense that the information that is collected is from other sources, such as books or the internet, where the data has already been compiled by somebody else beforehand. This data is then used as a source of information and applied in whatever context necessary in order to advance.

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