Thesis: Migration in the UAE

Sample Thesis Paper

The presence of scenarios such as these serves to cause deterioration of the relationship amongst allies because of the fact that evidence found at a terrorist attack which directs towards the involvement of an ally country serves to decrease the degree of trust that the victim region has on its ally and also simultaneously serves to show the inability of the region in keeping terrorist elements out or handling them once they have gained access, causing a deterioration in overall international relations.

The second form of immigrants in a scenario such as this include refugees who choose to leave behind their native land and attempt to establish a refuge in a region that is not their native region by birth. In cases such as these, the region to which they migrate in order to seek refuge more than often has to face an imbalance of sorts because of the adjustment of an unexpected influx of refugees into the region. In cases where the region is already suffering through an economic imbalance, the influx of refugees causes a further deterioration of the economic scenario.

In terms of the consequence of the migration in the UAE, amongst the numerous implications of the Saudi-Iraq border issue, one of the most prominent is the large volumes of funding towards the establishment of border security measures. By 2007, Saudi Arabia was channeling over five billion dollars towards border security in an attempt to keep out illegal immigrants and terrorists. A large part of this funding was reserved to be used for the Iraq-Saudi border.

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