Thesis: Modern Day Business Management Practices

Sample Thesis Paper

Modern day organizations are functioning in a manner so that they can acquire exceptional performance rates from their core business assets. The rapidity, scope and nature of the development of this area can be seen in (Walters & Rainbird, 2007) in which the author states:

As time passes by, new concepts are entering the business dictionary with each concept defining a new milestone in business management approaches. Terms such as co-productivity, co-ompetition and co-destiny are only a few examples that shed light on how management approaches are evolving over time. Co-productivity addresses the operational perspective and defines the relationship between the suppliers, customers and the in-between distributors. This concept explores the three in roles that they continue to exchange with each other. The concept of co-opetition, or co-ompetition as it is otherwise referred to, explores the relationship between competitors in whom they function in unison to meet the individual objectives of each by coordinating with each other to bring about the sharing of facilities and resources. Co-destiny defines the degree to which the members of a business coalition are uniform in terms of their business objectives and the subsequent incorporated values and strategies  (Walters & Rainbird, 2007).

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