Thesis: Modern Day Society

Sample Thesis Paper

When considered with respect to the labeling theory, it is apparent that not only the applicants of the social labels but also the recipients of the social stigmas have chosen to accept the presence of the social stigmas and have chosen to adhere to them in the course of their day to day lives. None of the people observed appeared to be reluctant or opposed to the roles that they were fulfilling and it was apparent that they were very firmly placed in their stigma riddled roles.

One can surmise from the discussion of the observation presented above was one that depicted the existence of a particular in society. The observation indicated that modern day society functions in a manner that is particular to it. While modern day society may have developed and may have become extensively sophisticated, an internal paradox exists inside this sophistication in the form of the shape that modern day society tends to take upon nightfall. There was a highly strong of corruption present in the observed neighborhood and one can surmise from the observations that modern day society is still dominated by man. The extensive presence of man and the extensive degree of prostitution and drug selling observed was more than enough to indicate that this dominant form of man was one that was not limited to a specific group of people but was deeply rooted in society.

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