Thesis: Modern Day Trends for Employee Selection

Sample Thesis Paper

Modern day organizations choose to carry out their selection procedures by putting together unique and customized analysis systems. The analysis begins not with the candidate but with the position that the organization has vacant. Following the job analysis, a distinct set of characteristics required for the job are established and outlined. Once the job requirements and specifications have been established, the selection process begins in the form of the analysis of the applicants. Modern day applicant analysis can be expected to incorporate a combination of manual and systemized screening and checks.

However, this does not account for cases where organizations outsource their human resource needs. In such cases, the process comes to a stop once the job analysis has been performed and then proceeds in the firm where it has been outsourced. In such cases, it is common for selection to be carried out almost entirely through computerized mean with only interventions by manual analysis in the middle and at the end. This allows several candidates to be analyzed at dramatically fast speeds and allows firms to short list the candidates that meet their requirements within a fraction of the time it would have taken them had they performed the very same short listing operation manually.

“The selection methods should be chosen to suit the post being filled. If a post requires good writing skills, it might be useful to ask for a letter of application; whereas a post that is essentially hands on might be filled using an informal interview and observing the applicant in setting. Whatever system of selection is used, it must be fair and should be applied to all applicants” (Tassoni 2001, p. 268).

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