Thesis: Modern Information Technology VS Frankenstein

Sample Thesis Paper

Modern technology is often perceived as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein by doomsayers, claiming that our increasing reliance on computers will eventually lead to our destruction.  Interestingly, as a species, while on the one hand, we are romantically inclined towards the idea of apocalypse and our eventual role in it; one the other hand, we are both attracted to and weary of all new ideas and innovations. 

We cannot forget that modern businesses increasingly rely upon their information systems to store and analyze critical business data, share information, and to communicate and implement their business strategies.  For them, an information system failure for even a few hours can spell disaster.  Asking one of its managers to imagine day-to-day business operations in complete absence of such an infrastructure would be an equivalent of asking him/her to imagine a state of sheer chaos.

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