Thesis: Modern Philosophical Ideas

Sample Thesis Paper

Another idea that comes to light is the cunning with which he suggests to the rulers to not be allowed to be hated by the masses if it can be helped. However, at the same time, if it does happen so, it must be taken care of that the masses that are politically significant should not be allowed to hate.This is stated in Chapter 19 of the Prince, “As Princes cannot escape being hated by some, they should, in the first place, endeavour not to be hated by a class; failing in which, they must do all they can to escape the hatred of that class which is stronger (139).” (Michael L. Morgan, Classics of Moral and Political theory (fourth edition))

Therefore, it can been seen that in the modern political world there has been a dramatic shift from the ideology of following the theories as prescribed by the Ancient Greeks and Romans to a more modern approach, that is now leaning towards the post-modern and modernism side. However, the one thing that does remain consistent is as to how Machiavelli’s theories become a rooting ground that create a framework bringing in the ideas of the Ancient Greek world and the ideas of the modern age to form a consistency that can be applicable to the modern age corporations and states.

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