Thesis: Modern Philosophical Thought Is No Longer Greek

Sample Thesis Paper

First of all, to examine the various aspects of philosophy and how it has changed over the years, it becomes integral to concentrate on the historical aspects of the nature of its existence as well. The general conception here is that what is known as the ancient philosophy is the philosophy of the Greeks, from the Graeco-Roman era, that was predominant in the 6th century.

This period has been clearly marked and divided into three most essential periods, who all contributed majorly towards the development of philosophy. The first period is known as the pre-Socratic period, and then comes the period where the likes of Plato and Aristotle made their mark. The third period deals with the post-Aristotelian era. Another idea here is to do some justice to what has been called the fourth period, where the late Antiquity thoughts spawned.

Here, the major and most important attention that was granted under the banner of the Ancient philosophy was to the idea of the universe, and the core principles and the reasons that govern it. What they managed to do at this time was present a view of the universe that was not only simple and engaging, but also which to a certain extent provided a clear and fair amount of idea behind the majority of the questions that plagued the society at that certain given point in time.

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