Thesis: Modern Philosophical Thought

Sample Thesis Paper

The study of problems that are based in the matters such as the basis of existence, the very nature of life, knowledge, morals and values and how reason and mind and language are all essential is known as Philosophy. The fundamental reason that sets it apart from other form of reasoning or just the mere creativity of myths, is the systematic approach it tends to apply to its method of reasoning, in a form that is critical and based on a rational argument.The modern philosophy thus is a branch of the general idea of philosophy and has been known to be the one that has spread throughout the Western Europe and North America as a primary form of practicing during the 17th till the 20th century. The major idea here is to find a compromise as to where and when the difference in modernity and modern philosophy arises, for the basic concept is that even though modern philosophical thought has come to an end in majority, the modernism fundamentals have now stemmed and branched into post modernism in certain areas. However, an idea of reasoning that is to be taken under consideration is that of the one that Rene Descartes put forward as his ideas, as the early modern philosophy.

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