Thesis: Monitor Phase of Project Management

Sample Thesis Paper

Monitoring Project Milestones and Deliverables: Project management tools emphasize follow-up and compare actual performance to planned, This allows managers to know exactly where they stand with regard to the degree of completion.

Projects that are carefully monitored are more likely to be successfully completed as problems and roadblocks are identified in a timely manner and may be rectified early on. Project management tools such as Gantt charts, follow-up meetings and action item management methods assign deadlines and responsibility for each deliverable. Tracking these ensures that the tasks get done in a timely manner. The result is that productivity goes up, costs go down, and projects are completed on-time (Campbell, 2005).


During the execution phase the key responsibility of the project manager is to track performance to the plan by monitoring actual start and finish dates of tasks, the actual cost vs. the estimated cost, resource allocation and workloads and progress on deliverables.

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