Thesis: Monitoring the Frontiers of Biomedical Research

Sample Thesis

Moving on in to the article, the article mentioned a number of aspects are prevalent in the area of Stem Cell research in the modern day form of stem cell research and it comes as no surprise that the article Two Steps Forward was focused on these very issues. At this point, one cannot help but think of the numerous details that were presented in the research study titled Stem Cell Research and Applications.

Monitoring the Frontiers of Biomedical Research which was produced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Institute for Civil Society in November 1999. The paper was based on a research study and concluded that stem cell research has reached a point where it has now become integral to the secure development of medical sciences (Chapman Frankel and Garfinkel), and it is for the same reason that it has become all the more imperative that results obtained from the study of stem cell research are subjected to the proper channels and regulatory procedures that are the need of the present time.

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