Thesis: Moral Defeat of Terrorism Elements in Afghanistan

Sample Thesis Paper

Coalition amongst the locals was sought with the local Afghan Northern Alliance and held on through the course of the war and still continues to this day.  A combination of ground and aerial maneuvers constitutes the basic battle strategy adopted by the American front. Currently, the American cause is being assisted by the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force).

However, the outcome that was obtained was far from the one that had been expected. American forces did not manage to apprehend Osama Bin Laden and the result was seen in the form of a confusion spreading amongst the masses regarding how exactly Osama Bin Laden had managed to evade American forces (Bernsten, 2006). The media was also used as a channel to clarify this aspect to the American people but the measure came to no avail.

Even though Osama Bin Laden could not be captured, the Taliban were broken up into small pieces and reduced to fighting in Guerrilla style (Giustozzi, New York). This gave the Bush administration an encouragement in the form of the moral defeat of terrorism elements. However, the enjoyment was short lived when the Taliban sprang up again with unexpected force in various parts of the country.

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