Thesis: Mughal Imperialism

Sample Thesis Paper

According to Reza, the very idea of civilization is akin to multiple interpretations and a straightforward generalization cannot suffice for a wholesome perspective. As far as the idea of clash is concerned, undeniably it is healthy but a clash of perspectives cannot be devoid of motive. And the conspicuous underlying motive behind the fall of the Mughal Imperialism was power, aristocracy and monopolization of the economies. The Mughals were rich in wealth, opulence, agriculture and this tempted the Europeans to exploit their economy.

Although the European, especially British stronghold over the subcontinent was short-lived and revolutionaries sprung from both the Eastern and Western wing of the subcontinent, of what is now India and Pakistan who drove away the British, their invasion serves an immemorial lesson to the world that education is a foremost priority in order to engage the masses and unite them.

Education serves as a viral and research leads to newer ways of achieving success. This exemplary mindset of the Europeans made them overpower the Mughal monarchies and paved the way for an independent democracy.

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