Thesis: Mukherjee’s Concept in Literature

Sample Thesis Paper

One of the main challenges in any individual’s life is to break free from the established social norms and conventions to do what they believe would ultimately bring them happiness and not what society would judge to be a right or an acceptable choice.Above anything else, it is this personal freedom that America represents and offers to all those who come to its shores, and this plays a pivotal role in Jasmine’s eventual metamorphosis.  The author beautifully explores the gradual realization of this very freedom by the main character of her novel, and how it ultimately informs the subsequent decisions that she takes and the choices that she ultimately makes.

The beauty of the narrative is further complemented by how it juxtaposes rural India against Mid-Western America, showing us how the same person can behave differently when offered with varying levels of social constrictions and personal freedom.  It is interesting to see how Mukherjee uses the concept of reincarnation to illustrate the many transformations that Jyoti from India goes through before she begins to think and act like Jase from America without consciously deciding to abandon one identity in favor of another.

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