Thesis: The multilevel breach of business ethics

Sample Thesis Paper

A point to note here that the breach of Business Ethics was not merely at the organizational level where several employees were stripped off their pension funds, but on a much vaster level since Enron’s accounting firm Arthur Anderson was intentionally involved in the scandal just as much as were the directors of Enron themselves.

Enron was at the point where it was hoping to get US$100.00 per share, but the revelation of the bankruptcy led to the falling of Enron’s shares to mere pennies and since the general public had chosen to invest in Enron on the basis of the financial condition that Enron had been reporting, the damage that was caused by the actual financial deficiency was more than disastrous.

The actual financial deficiency as not a sudden incident, as Enron later reported, it was because numerous debts and losses that Enron suffered were not reported by Enron and as a result, the picture that the public saw was that of Enron as a successful organization with losses and debts being next to none. This was a serious violation of business ethics since Enron had purposely kept important information confidential. This was information that had the significance to influence investor decisions, and by choosing to keep this information confidential, Enron had violated all boundaries of business ethics.

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