Thesis: Multiple Employee Selection Procedures

Sample Thesis Paper

A selection method should be one that subjects employees to multiple forms and perspectives of analysis of the employee in order to ensure that those shortlisted or selected for candidacy are ones that qualify for the position in every frame of reference and there is no capacity for their ineligibility for the position for which they have been shortlisted or selected.

It is also often advised that the results of multiple selection procedures are combined to assess candidates before establishing who the best candidate is (David 2009). This is recommended in light of the fact that the very existence of multiple selection methods implies the need for varied forms of analyses of the candidates, which in turn signifies the inability of any one selection method to be outright perfect for the purpose of selection.

“In selecting recruitment methods, it is not enough to ask, which technique will bring in the most candidates? You should be concerned about the quality of candidates, particularly in terms of the length of time they may stay with the firm” (Bachner 1991, p. 267).

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