Thesis: The Multiple Intelligence Theory

As we discussed earlier on, teaching and learning are independent on one another. The methods and measures that are employed on teaching will affect how the students will grasp the information and learn new topics in school.

In understanding the information presented to them every day, the students thus need to have a very sharp mind (Olson, 1988). They need to be well aware of what is going on around them as well as interpret their thoughts on the various issues that are around them. Thus, looking at the learning of these students in this context, the multiple intelligence theory would serve as a very major boost into the learning process of these students. The multiple intelligence theory incorporates the identification of the issues that are happening both around and within the student. Thus, it can be very useful in helping make the learning experience of the students more effective since they will be able to grasp the ideas presented to them, more easily and with a better sense of memory (Lave, 1988).

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