Thesis: Murphy vs. Internal Revenue Service

Sample Thesis Paper


This is a the case of Marrita Murphy and Daniel J. Leveille, Appellants vs. The Internal Revenue Service and the United States of America, Appelles which is also more commonly known as Murphy vs. IRS. The case began in 1994 when Marrita Leveille filed a complaint against her former company, the New York Air National Guard (NYANG). At the time Murphy had given evidence against her former employer the New York Air National Guard regarding environmentally hazardous conditions at one of their airbases. Her contention was that the NYANG had provided unsupportive testimonials to her prospective employers after she had turned in evidence to state authorities of hazardous conditions at a NYANG airbase. The secretary of Labor on reviewing the case found that the actions taken against Murphy were not warranted and the prejudice and reprisal against her was not lawful. He ordered all declamatory comments against Murphy be rescinded and the case be taken to an Administrative Law Judge for reimbursement of damages to Murphy (vLex, 2009).

Murphy was represented by David K. Colapinto of the law firm Kohn, Kohn and Colapinto. When asked Murphy submitted evidence which showed how she had suffered physical and mental abuse at the hands of NYANG due to their prejudice. A physician was called and testified to the effect of her emotional trauma and physical injuries. One such injury was caused by the grinding of her teeth which is a form of physical stress manifestation. She also suffered from others including but not limited to fatigue, anxiety and loss of breath. As such the Administrative Law Judge found that she should be paid damages totaling seventy thousand dollars. None of the damages were directed towards any lost wages due to inability to find or do work.

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