Thesis: Muslims as an Unwanted Elements by the American Society

Sample Thesis Paper

If a supposition was made that any action being performed by any society at this point in time is against the basic teachings of that religion, then it is necessary to understand that it is not upon the instruction of the religion that the people of the subject society are performing that action. A fact that has to be recognized is that when an undesired action is committed by a person, then the person will most certainly be belonging to one or the other religion, in this advent, the action of the person does not put the religion of the person at fault.

Former US Representative Republican Paul Findley wrote a report has written numerous reports that have elaborated upon the ineligibility of the general perception that regards Muslims as an unwanted element by the American society (Findley). If Findley’s perception is generalized to other segments of the society, we can observe how the segment that is deemed to be unwanted in a society can gain that position in society by a series of events that contribute to the development of the perception that the masses hold regarding that segment of society.

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