Thesis: Narration on Experience of First Tricycle

Sample Thesis Paper

Dragging the tricycle behind me on the driveway, I decided to give it one more try before heading back inside the house so I pushed the bicycle down the driveway, running with it, and then managed to hop onto it in time to feel the air in my hair.

We were finally getting somewhere.  The next step was to realize that I could actually use my three-wheeled friend to get to places where I could have normally walked to.  Ah, the miracles of science.  It did not ride ideally in the backyard, but still there was some sense of satisfaction in riding it over the neatly-cut grass, but the best discovery of the day was of course to make Nancy, our pet Labrador, to follow me around with me riding the bicycle.  What a grand procession we two made.

That evening, I duly thanked my parents for their wonderful gift and promised them not to go riding the bicycle on the road or on the lawn.  I could not wait to show my new tricycle to all my friends and maybe hold tricycle races with them.  I even spoke about sleeping on the tricycle, but was firmly told otherwise.  That summer went on to become one of the most memorable summers from my childhood years, and I can still sometimes catch my parents going through old photographs, smiling, while looking at somewhat embarrassing snaps taken of me trying to race around on an oddly-shaped blue tricycle.

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