Thesis: Narration on Rejection of Research

Sample Thesis Paper

The study design chosen for the proposed patient preference study is a randomized control trial. With modified consent.  As stated above, modified consent is in our view an inappropriate and an ethically faulty way to lure patients into participating in studies without their full knowledge of what they are getting themselves into.

Furthermore since patient’s behaviour plays a big role in these sorts of studies, taking conventional consent from the participants allows patients to be un-blinded from the study. Patients with strong preferences in the selection process can refuse to take part in the study or undergo randomisation. Bias ensues as exclusion of such a population from the randomisation process prevents generalisation of the results and therefore can weaken the study’s findings and its validity.  On the other hand, if the patients with strong preferences are randomised to treatments other than those of their choice, they may get demoralized and relay faulty and negative results. These results will be the result of Issues of compliance might ensue. Interventional studies of this sort are complex and I suggest the use of a comprehensive cohort design or a patient’s preference trial. to achieve the aims for this study.

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