Thesis: Narration on Review of Research

Sample Thesis Paper

I feel that using modified consent instead of conventional informed consent even though may help in blinding the study to some extent, but is morally and ethically questionable.

First and foremost, by planning not to inform the patients fully of the study’s intentions and selection along with randomisation process at the time of recruitment, you take away the respect that every individual deserves. Informed consent is mandatory not only because it allows the participants to make informed decisions about what they might get themselves into, but also because we respect them and that we honour them as being moral actors irrespective of how they might evaluate being informed as such.

Modified consent holds that, partial information is provided in the beginning of the study with promise of further information along the way and at the end of the study, without informing them about the randomisation process. This mode of consent most probably will trigger negative responses from the patients and reduced tendency to participate in future research.

It might also diminish the doctor patient trust bond which is ever so important for the patient so that they feel safe under the doctor’s care.

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