Thesis: Narration on How a Study was Conducted

Sample Thesis Paper

From a personal point of view, my emotions too went through a dramatic change. Whereas once, the idea of carrying out such a major task seemed almost impossible, the feeling has now changed. With the knowledge and the skills I now possess, I feel more comfortable with the way I am and more confident in my approach. It is with greater certainty that I can stand and face all obstacles that at one point in time would have proved to be an impossible task otherwise.Sometimes, during group work and carrying out such massive extents of research the feelings that one goes through can be quite wide ranging from frustration to confusion and sometimes even anger. But through this work study I feel that I have managed to overcome those so that, I can put my energy to better use than lamenting over negative issues which can be quite destructive. Only with a positive and realistic approach, as I have realized, can one achieve his goals, for resorting to the negative feelings can only lead to a waste of time and energy of the entire group. Therefore, on the whole, I feel I have managed to become a better and more qualified person as a result of this work study on Room 36, a more prepared and mature adult to deal with any future assignments.

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