Thesis: Narration on My First Tricycle

Sample Thesis Paper

Looking through old pictures, it now seems like an overgrown skateboard with two handles and a cushioned seat stuck onto it, but back then the shiny blue “bike” had me enthralled, and I would not have traded it in for a Ferrari, let alone give it to my little brother – the thought of both of whom fortunately did not exist in my world back then.The first half an hour that day was spent with my father and mother pushing around the bike for me at mind-numbing speeds with me firmly seated in the seat and hanging on to the handlebars with my life.  Once they had significantly gotten tired of this new exercise and could no longer get a kick out of my yelps and cries for help, which continued to diminish until I started enjoying the ride, they decided it was better to teach me how to push it around myself rather than get me overly used to this new form of slave labor. 

I was methodically explained how rotating the pedals at the front wheel made this contraption go forward and backwards.  I was not overly impressed with the speed generated, but was informed that the harder I worked those pedals the faster the tricycle will go and vice-versa.  The bike still did not go much faster and the whole exercise was beginning to tire me out.  I could see the twinkle of hope in my mother’s eyes.  Had she finally figured out a way to get me tired enough to sleep on time?  Time was to prove her otherwise. 

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