Thesis: Natural resources of Russia before the war

Sample Thesis Paper

Russia was quite rich in its natural resources before the war began. Its transportation was efficient enough to deliver desired goods or food items to within and outside the country. However, the over burden on its transportation due to armed forces and troops movement uncovered its weakness, and with every upcoming week during the war Russian transportation worsened. That harmed Russian economic life to a great extent. During the civil war it was prohibited to supply Russian coal and oil. Later on, Russian coal mines were released, but they were in extremely bad condition that no significant amount of coal can be expected to get out of these. Poor transportation service led Russia to the scarcity of manufactured products import.

Due to poor transportation services it was not possible to import food, fuel or raw material to Russian factories and it became impossible for Russian industry to produce modicum too. The Government of Soviet Union is now trying to introduce huge quantities of agricultural implements. They are planning to start new factories that will solely manufacture such types of things. However, due to poor condition of transportation, it seemed difficult to fulfill requirements for fuel, material and other things easily. In the meantime, farmers of Russia, used burnt staves to plow the fields instead to sharp spades that makes the process even slower.

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