Thesis: Nature Of Quantitative Methodology

Sample Thesis Paper

The nature of quantitative methodology of study is also known to be quite inflexible in its nature. That is because the theme of the process that it employs to achieve the desired results is often strict and severe in its firmness.

This may cause inconveniences if and when one or more desired and mandatory requirements are not fulfilled according to the strict demands of the schedule that is employed in such cases.

Another disadvantage of using such Quantitative methods is that they are often considered to be simplifications of the qualitative methods. This illustrates that only when the qualitative methods display the possibility that a simplified representation of the identified relations is achievable, can the quantitative measures be applied. (Kleining, 1991)

However, despite some of its glaring flaws, the quantitative method used towards achieving the desired goal does serve an extensive and most beneficial purpose when applied properly and appropriately. For instance, to validate this statement, it can be stressed that in areas where one is trying to calculate and measure events of a precise nature, such as amount of growth of a certain bacteria over a period of time, or the ratio of students arriving late minus the exogenous factors, the data collection can become fairly simplified in nature. This therefore leads to the analysis to be quick and clear cut and precise. Therefore, this proves its worth in the most advantageous of ways when it comes to academic fields such as those of management and finance alongside physical and biological sciences.

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