Thesis: Negative Consequences of Drug Abuse among Athletes

Sample Thesis Paper

For an athlete, it is imperative that he/she remains not only physically fit, but also ensures that his/her academics do not suffer because of his/her interest in sports. Abuse of drugs and alcohol serves to cause damage to both the dimensions of the subject’s life. The subject finds himself/herself the victim of elements such as missing Class, poor performance on tests and projects resulting in a lower grade point average, engagement in unintentional assault and acquaintance rape leading to fights, DUI, dropping out of school, arrests resulting in the development of a criminal record, academic probation caused by poor mental health, depression and Legal Problems, physical injury, memory loss, social embarrassment, Excessive weight gain or weight loss, arguments, unexplained sexual encounters, sexually transmitted infections, physical injuries, hangovers and blackouts (Wagenaar, 2005).

In light of the negative consequences that the above discussion has highlighted, it does not come as a surprise that educational institutes are implementing measures that discourage the use and consumption of alcohol and other drugs  (, 2007). Traditional educational programs are being brought together with community based prevention approaches in order to provide the students with not only the knowledge that they need but also the social support and encouragement that they need in order to save themselves from falling into the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

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